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911 Board and Committees

The 911 Board was created to consolidate North Carolina’s Enhanced 911 system under a single board with a uniform 911 service charge to integrate the state’s 911 system, enhance efficiency and accountability, and create a level competitive playing field among voice communication technologies.

The 911 Board manages all revenues paid into the 911 Fund, establishes procedures for disbursement of funds, and advises all voice communications service providers and eligible counties of such procedures. The Board must monitor the revenues generated by the service charge, and if it determines that the rate produces more revenue than needed, it must reduce the rate. A change in the amount of the rate becomes effective on July 1 of any year. The 911 Board must notify providers of a change in the rate at least 90 days before the change becomes effective. The rate must ensure full cost recovery for voice communications service providers and for primary PSAPs over a reasonable period of time.

The 911 Board must report to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operation, the Revenue Laws Study Commission, and the Joint Legislative Utility Review Commission in February of each odd-numbered year. The report must include:

  • Receipts
  • Expenditures
  • Results of PSAP Investigations.

The State Auditor may perform audits on the 911 Board, which must be done at least every two years. The 911 Board may retain up to 2% of service charges for expenses.

The 911 Board is made up of 17 members from the following groups:

Eight (8) Local Officials

  • League of Municipalities
  • Association of County Commissioners
  • Sheriff and Police Chief
  • Association of Public Safety Communication Officials
  • National Emergency Number Association
  • North Carolina Firemen's Association
  • North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services

Eight (8) Vendors

  • Three representing CMRS providers
  • Four representing Local Exchange Carriers
  • One representing a VoIP provider

Chief Information Officer of DIT or Designee as Chair of the Board

  • The 911 Board meets upon the call of the chair, and a quorum is met with nine members.

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